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How to donate

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Donations and legacies

If you wish to express your support for our hospital by donating to us or making a legacy, you can be sure your contribution will be appreciated and put to good use. Donations and legacies help us to continue to develop and improve our services.

Making a donation

Any donation made to our hospital will be processed in accordance with your wishes under the guidelines issued by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Your donation can be made in a number of ways:

Donate online
You make a donation to us using the online donation facility Virgin Money Giving

Don’t forget Gift Aid. If you are a UK tax payer, you can increase your donation by your tax percentage at no extra cost to you. Just tick the Gift Aid box when you make your online donation. See below for more information about Gift Aid.

Donate by post
You can donate by post. Please make your cheque, postal order or CAF voucher payable to ‘RUH Charitable Fund' and send it to:

RUH Charitable Fund

The Forever Friends Appeal
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust
Combe Park
Bath, BA1 3NG

Please note, if you indicate in your accompanying letter that your donation is for the RNHRD, the donation will be allocated to the RNHRD Charitable Funds.

If you would like to include Gift Aid, please download and complete the Gift Aid form and return it to us with your donation.

What is Gift Aid?
This Scheme allows the RNHRD Charitable Funds to increase the value of your gift without any cost to you. Any donation made to us on which tax has been paid comes under the Gift Aid Scheme. For example, if the basic tax rate is 25%, then a gift of £75 to the ‘RNHRD Charitable Funds would be increased through Gift Aid to £100 – under the scheme we can claim the extra £25 from the Inland Revenue. This means that no matter how much tax you pay – whether on income, savings or investments – as long as you have paid enough to cover the amount deducted from your donations, we can claim it back. The Gift Aid Scheme applies to anyone who pays UK tax no matter where they live.

Leaving a legacy

Sometimes people wish to leave a gift to the RNHRD Charitable Funds in their will. It may be that you would like to support us in this way. Leaving a legacy is a good way to give long-term support to the hospital.  

Whether or not you decide to leave us a gift, making a will and keeping it up to date will protect your loved ones and help you choose what happens to your property and money. Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever write, but it need not be complicated. A solicitor can help you with this, but it can be useful to think and plan ahead of your visit to them.

To leave a legacy to the RNHRD, you can:

  • leave a specific amount or % of money;
  • leave a residue of your will (what is left over after all your other wishes have been carried out).

The RNHRD Charitable Funds has been well supported by legacies in the past and much of our innovative research has been funded in this way.

If you have previously made a will, you may want to ask your solicitor to add a codicil to include a legacy to the hospital. If you wish to do this, your will or codicil should contain the following or very similar wording, but your solicitor would be able to advise you. If you have any problems with this, please contact our fundraising and communications officer,on 01225 465941 ext 278 or email

'I give to the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases  Charitable Funds (Registered Charity No 1058323) of Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RL,  the sum of £___.___ for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer of the time being of the Charity shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Executors.'


'I give (%) of the residue of my real and personal estate which I can dispose of by Will in any manner I think proper to The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases  Charitable Funds (Registered Charity No. 1058323) of Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RL, and I declare the receipt of the Treasurer or the proper officer for the time being of the Charity shall be a complete discharge to my Executors.'

If you would like to use the legacy for a particular purpose, then you can add:

'And I express the wish (but without imposing any trust to this effect) that the aforesaid gift shall if possible be used for the purposes of …….'

It is usually more helpful to us not to have particular wishes or restrictions attached to bequests made to the charity, but if you do include such a request, we will endeavour to follow your instructions as far as we possibly can.

We know that your decision to include the hospital in your will is a very private one, but if you have included a legacy to us, or are intending to do so, it would help us plan for the future if we know of your intentions. The information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence.

If you have already included a legacy to the hospital in your will, please accept our heartfelt thanks for this wonderful gift.

Legacy Leaflet

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