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Chronic painClinical services

Chronic pain

We're proposing to relocate the pain services currently provided at the Mineral Water Hospital site in Bath, to the Royal United Hospitals' Combe Park site, also in Bath, in 2019. To find out more click here. 


We have provided services for people with chronic pain since 1994, and in 1999 we launched the first adolescent pain management programme in Europe. In 2006, we launched a young adult programme to directly address the needs of those aged 18-30 with chronic pain. The unit also runs the only residential nurse-supported, high-dependency programme for adults with chronic pain in the UK.

Why choose us?

We are a centre of excellence and one of the few providers of residential, group-based pain management programmes for adults, young people and children in the UK. We aim to achieve significant improvements in patient functioning and self-management, particularly for people with long illness and who have tried many different treatments which have had little or no impact.

What we offer

We provide a range of specialist services which include:

  • three- or four-week residential programme: the four-week programme is for patients who would benefit from a longer, more in-depth, programme delivered at a slower pace.
  • high-dependency programme: designed to meet the needs of those patients who require support to manage self-care or independent living and/or have severe mobility problems. Unlike our other residential programmes, participants stay on a hospital ward where nursing care is available.
  • adolescent residential programme: for individuals aged 11-18. It is a three-week programme and focuses on improving participation in activities such as school and social life. Adolescents are accompanied by an adult, most often a parent, who also takes part in the programme.
  • young persons' complex regional pain service (CRPS): for children and adolescents aged up to 18.  We provide-evidence based treatment for CRPS, in children and adolescents, using a rehabilitation approach which addresses both the physical difficulties and functional problems such as participating in school and social activities. Treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual and may vary from half-day sessions to an admission for a two-week intensive treatment programme. 
  • young adults residential programme: for those aged 18-30. It is a three-week programme specifically tailored for those who are finding it difficult to make or sustain the transition to independent living. It focuses on issues such as work, education, leaving home and relationships. A parent, partner or significant other is encouraged to attend for the first week of treatment.
  • intensive individualised pre-programme rehabilitation: these bespoke packages of care have been developed to treat those with highly complex disabilities who may be bed-bound in either acute or residential settings. We work intensively with the patient to begin reducing their medication, improving their psychological readiness and increasing their fitness so that they become ready to manage one of our other residential programmes.
  • outreach assessments and consultancy: these are available in exceptional cases for those patients who are unable to attend an assessment or for teams treating complex pain patients who would welcome an opinion from our chronic pain team.

On all of our residential programmes patients stay in flats close to the hospital.

How to access our chronic pain services

We provide a national service accepting referrals from across the UK. Our clinical services are available to patients with all types of chronic pain. Our assessment criteria are that an individual's pain should be persistent, disabling and not adequately helped by other treatments which may be available locally.

Referrals can be made by GPs or consultants via Choose and Book, provided the patient has already been seen at a secondary care pain clinic or similar, or in writing to:

Adult programme: Dr Hannah Connell, service lead children and adults or Dr Peter Brook, consultant in pain management.

Adolescent programme or children's CRPS service: Dr Hannah Connell, consultant paediatric clinical psychologist; or Dr Jacqui Clinch, consultant in paediatric rheumatology and adolescent chronic pain.

We are also able to accept private patient referrals. For further information or referral advice please contact Dr Hannah Connell,
tel: 01225 473427